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Your Local Exterminator in the Tyler Area

After Hours ServiceWhen roaches, bugs, and rodents invade your space, don't distress—call Guardian Pest Elimination for the pest control services you need! Specializing in commercial exterminator services for restaurants and the hospitality sector, we're here to provide the Tyler, TX, area with pest control measures of all kinds. From wasps and mosquitoes to rats and mice, and everything between, we have you covered. Whether you're a homeowner tormented by stinkbugs, a restaurant owner trying to keep roaches away, or an apartment complex manager dealing with a rodent infestation, you can call on our team for personalized, effective work. We promise to deliver pest removal services that are much more thorough and reliable than what other local exterminators can offer. So, if you're ready to nip your pest problem in the bud, contact Guardian Pest Elimination today! We proudly protect properties in Tyler, Longview, Grand Saline, and beyond.

Specializing in Commercial Pest Control Services

At Guardian Pest Elimination, we aren't like other companies that just spray a bunch of poison around your property and call it a day. Rather, we thoroughly inspect and evaluate your property, locating points of entry, food sources, and so on. Then, we create an action plan that will safely and effectively neutralize your pest problem once and for all. 

The best part? We'll stay on call for a full 30 days after the initial pest control service! This ensures your issue is properly monitored and maintained, so if it turns out we missed something upon our first inspection, we'll be right there to address it and correct it.

Ideal for Restaurants and Hospitality Businesses

The commercial pest control services from Guardian Pest Elimination are perfectly suited for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in the food service or hospitality industry. Our clients love that we offer after-hours services for commercial and industrial pest control plans at no additional charge. By performing all of our work at night, instead of the middle of the workday, we avoid disturbing your business operation and stirring up pests while people are dining or working. Plus, given that we do careful inspections and thorough cleanouts, rather than just spraying pesticides everywhere, we are able to maintain proper food safety for your restaurant. 

Then, after we've completed the initial exterminator service, we'll remain on call for 30 days to monitor any continuing issues. After that, we'll return on a monthly basis to treat all the entry points on your property. These monthly checkups are a benefit enjoyed exclusively by our commercial and industrial clients.

Let’s Work Together

At Guardian Pest Elimination, we do it all. We'll be your wasp exterminator to safeguard your kids' swing set. We'll be your on-call rat exterminator to keep your commercial kitchen clean. We'll even be your professional assistant in completing a sanitation report for the health department! Whatever you need, our licensed and insured team is here to provide you with effective, long-lasting pest control services. Contact us ASAP to make an appointment!


Please note: Guardian Pest Elimination is not licensed to perform services for termites or other wood-destroying insects. We apologize for any inconvenience.